The Willamette Valley with

Eco-Wine Tours!

Making wine is a very natural thing, but in the Willamette Valley, some take it even a step further.  From Salmon Safe, to Organic to Carbon Neutral, many wineries are doing their part to provide excellent wines in the most sustainable way.  From well-know wineries to small family estates, see what these vineyards are doing to help preserve the environment while producing some of the best wines Oregon has to offer.

"Conserve Water,
Drink More Wine"

- Unknown

Green. Sustainable. Biodynamic. Organic. LIVE. Salmon-Safe. 

Does it make your head spin?  This tour can help.  See how Oregon Wineries are leading the way in "Green" wine, while tasting some of the best Pinot Noirs in the world! 

Relax, Taste, and Enjoy and learn some things about wine, sustainability and the Willamette Valley that you didn’t know!

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 *We are currently closed for the winter time.  We will reopen for Memorial Weekend.

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